This Woman Can

this woman can

This Woman Can:

1. Pay Her Rent

2. Feed Her Family

3. Afford Medicine

4. Send Her Children to School

Empowering Mothers Through Ornaments

Life is especially challenging for Ugandan widows. A widow without an education or family support can easily fall into poverty. In desperation she will likely take her children to an orphanage where she believes they will have better access to food and education. At Ornaments 4 Orphans we believe that no mother should feel the need to give up her children because she is poor.

Our Stuffed Animal Ornaments are made by a special group of Ugandan widows who joined together to create economic stability for their families.

Using their sewing skills, these ladies create products which empower them to provide for their children. Stable work makes a world of difference for mothers and children longing to stay together. Shop now!

stuffed animal ornament trio