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Paper Bead Heart Ornament (solid colors)


A beautiful heart ornament handmade from paper beads in Uganda. Choose from three beautiful colors: Pink, Magenta or Red. Perfect for Valentine’s Day!


Our Paper Bead Heart Ornament is uniquely handmade by artisans in Uganda. The colorful beads are rolled from recycled paper then strung around a copper frame. This ornament is stunning on a Christmas tree or creatively displayed on a shelf or wall. Choose from 3 solid shades: Pink, Red or Magenta. Perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Ornament measures approximately 4″ x 4″. Each item is handmade. Expect slight variations in color.

Your purchase from Ornaments 4 Orphans supports the fair trade work of global artisans and enriches the lives of vulnerable children.


Pink, Magenta, Red