This Woman Can

this woman can

This Woman Can:

1. Pay Her Rent

2. Feed Her Family

3. Afford Medicine

4. Send Her Children to School

Empowering Mothers Through Ornaments

Life is especially challenging for Ugandan widows. A widow without an education or family support can easily fall into poverty. In desperation she will likely take her children to an orphanage where she believes they will have better access to food and education. At Ornaments 4 Orphans we believe that no mother should feel the need to give up her children because she is poor.

Our Stuffed Animal Ornaments are made by a special group of Ugandan widows who joined together to create economic stability for their families.

Using their sewing skills, these ladies create products which empower them to provide for their children. Stable work makes a world of difference for mothers and children longing to stay together. Shop now!

stuffed animal ornament trio

Our First Instagram Flash Sale!

instagram flash sale

Our recent fall shipment from East Africa contained a large box of beautiful woven bowls. These bowls are a traditional basket craft that has been passed down through the generations. Using local grasses, artisans weave the bowls into unique creations that can be used around the home or displayed on a wall.

african baskets

Because the baskets we received are each one of a kind we are unable to list them in our web store. But they are too beautiful not to share! Therefore we’ve scheduled our very first Ornaments 4 Orphans Instagram Flash Sale! Tonight from 7pm – 10pm CST we will offer up a selection of these incredible treasures on our Instagram profile @ornaments4orphans. Follow along for your chance to purchase a totally unique handmade, fair trade basket that empowers artisans and blesses children in Uganda.

We can’t wait! Join us!

african basket

The Importance of Orphan Prevention

Orphan Prevention

“When will our consciences grow so tender that we will act to prevent human misery rather than avenge it?”

Eleanor Roosevelt

The world is full of orphaned children, but there are millions more at risk of becoming orphans in the future. At Ornaments 4 Orphans we believe in going to the root of the Orphan Crisis to combat the circumstances that create the global orphan population. The majority of the world’s orphans live in poor communities where lack of opportunities creates instability, war, disease and family breakdown.

Ornaments 4 Orphans believes that no child should lose their family due to poverty. Our heart is Orphan Prevention by strengthening needy parents. This is why we use fair trade buying practices to create opportunities for men and women to escape poverty, protect their families and prevent loss.

Building in Uganda

In Uganda, a woman with a steady job is able to buy shelter, food and medicine for herself and her family. She protects herself against prostitution and exploitation. She buys a bed net which shields her toddlers from malaria. She enrolls her daughters in school. She keeps her family together and barricades herself from the dangers of poverty that put her life and the lives of her children at risk. We can keep children from becoming orphans by supplying a lifeline of opportunity to their parents.

Ugandan Mother at Work
These Ugandan women craft our Stuffed Animal Ornaments. The majority of these ladies are widows and single mothers. Their children are at greater risk of becoming orphaned or taken to an emergency orphanage. Decent work enables these mothers to keep their children and meet their needs. 

When you host an Ornament Party or purchase an #o4o product, you are supplying a layer of protection to vulnerable children and their parents. Join us in our mission of Orphan Prevention and help make the world more beautiful for others!