Fair Trade Christmas Ornaments days til Christmas
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What is Ornaments 4 Orphans?

Ornaments 4 Orphans is a fair trade social enterprise dedicated to providing support for families and vulnerable children in Africa.

What is Fair Trade?

Fair trade is a global commitment to ensure workers are paid fairly for their goods and services. The men and women who make fair trade products earn a living wage. When you purchase a fair trade product you can be sure that the people behind the product are treated with dignity and decency. Ornaments 4 Orphans is a member of the Fair Trade Federation. Visit www.fairtradefederation.org for more info.

Is Ornaments 4 Orphans a non-profit organization?

Ornaments 4 Orphans is a for-profit social enterprise that uses ethical and sustainable practices to advance society. We use business to create jobs, fight poverty, preserve families, empower communities, and ultimately prevent children from becoming orphans. Social enterprises like Ornaments 4 Orphans partner with and provide funding for non-profit organizations aligned with their mission and goals.

How much does Ornaments 4 Orphans give to charity?

We reinvest 100% of our net profit to charity partners/NGOs, artisan groups and community programs around the world, beginning in East Africa. We focus on groups that share our vision of family preservation and orphan prevention through business and poverty alleviation.

How can I partner with Ornaments 4 Orphans?

To start with, you can purchase ornaments. To do more, you can invite your friends, family, and others to purchase the ornaments by throwing an ornament party. Visit our Host Page to learn more and sign up.